#MADSCONF: The Convergence of Data Science and Marketing

Affinio is attending the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference in San Francisco.

In today’s marketing world, data is king. Having a deep understanding of data is often what sets apart the winners from the losers. Successful marketing operations are no longer built on accumulated experience and expertise, but rather on a deep understanding of consumer data and precise application of data science to solve complex marketing challenges.

Affinio is the Marketing Intelligence Platform that reveals audience insights at scale. We are in the business of empowering major brands to leverage data science and optimize consumer data.

Our company is a result of the convergence of data science and marketing. Affinio incorporates network theory and is designed to reveal patterns and naturally forming segments within consumer data sets. Our Data-Science-as-a-service (DSaaS) platform surfaces insights quickly and helps marketers visualize and interpret important trends. Our algorithms explore the nuances of data sets and reveal structure within the noise.

Leading up to the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference approaching next week, I leveraged Affinio to understand the nature of the audience talking about ‘Data Science’ and ‘Marketing’.

Affinio revealed that this audience naturally segments into eight interest-based communities, with interests patterns ranging from finTech to content creation.

This screenshot from our platform highlights the varying interests and traits of the different communities engaging with ‘Data Science’ and ‘Marketing’:

This mosaic captures top relevant accounts, thought-leaders, and influencers in this space:

We are looking forward to connecting with each of these communities in San Francisco and share how Affinio’s advanced audience insights can solve your marketing challenges.

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