The Big Data Behind Star Wars Fandom

Did you recently notice people donning lightsabers and Vader masks? More than four decades after the release of the original film, May the 4th – Star Wars Day – ignited fans from around the world take to social media to pay homage to the timeless franchise.

We wanted to understand the data behind the fandom and social media frenzy. So, we ran an Affinio report on Star Wars Day and created the Network Graph below based on Star Wars Day related mentions.

​An Affinio Network Graph showing 185,017 audience members and their connections mentioning Star Wars Day. Is it just me, or does this round Network Graph remind you of the Death Star?

In addition to the resemblance to the Death Star, we also noticed there was a very diverse group of people participating in Star Wars Day. Let’s take a look at one segment in particular, which we've called, the Chosen Ones.

Top Interests of the Chosen Ones:

  • Star Wars alum including Mark Hamill; Ewan McGregor, and John Boyega
  • Franchises including Star Wars, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Brands including PlayStation, LEGO, and Disney
  • Media including Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, and BuzzFeed

Top Bio Keywords

Top biographical keywords for this audience showcase their affiliation to the Star Wars franchise. Keywords include terms such as Star, Wars, Movie, and Fan. This audience segment has attached these words to their identity. . . now that's dedication to the franchise.

What They're Talking About & Sharing

Affinio exposes the top shared content by audience members and their top shared hashtags. It looks like they really do have Star Wars on the brain. . .

The Demographics of the Chosen Ones

Where are the Chosen Ones located?

That was a brief summary of the insights you can uncover with Affinio’s segmentation. By understanding audience interests, marketers can take an audience-first approach and align their creative, content, media, and marketing strategies with what they know will resonate.

Let us know if you want to see more, and may the force be with you.