Affinio Tweet Content Reports – Expand your Boolean Horizons

There are numerous ways to conduct an Affinio analysis. Affinio users are empowered by a wide range of query building functions that can bring even the most refined audiences into focus for further study.

One of our favorite ways to study dynamic social audiences is by conducting Tweet Content reports. Tweet Content reports allow you to inject yourself into the very centre of a community's culture and gain insights relating to any event, action, mention, location, or trend. Using Tweet content reports, you can quickly understand the context and interaction patterns that are relevant to your audience, campaign, and business.

Here are a few lesser known ways to leverage Tweet Content reports to drive deeper and more focused audience discovery. We’ve explored the buzz around the upcoming Champions League Final to demonstrate different types of Tweet Content Reports.

Tweet Content Reports and the Champions League Final

The UEFA Champions League final is the most watched annual sporting event worldwide, and it's just days away. Juventus F.C. and Real Madrid will face off in Cardiff, Wales this Saturday, June 3rd.

Classic Tweet Content

One of the most basic and effective ways to leverage Affinio Tweet Content reports is to zero in on keywords, hashtags, and @mentions. This type of analysis will reveal the interest based communities interacting with that particular action of interest. Affinio can help make sense of the catastrophic amount of buzz leading up to the final. By running an analysis on everyone engaging with the hashtag '#UFCFinal', Affinio can reveal how worldwide soccer fans (who are getting excited for the game) organically segment into interest-based communities.

Jazz it up with AND’s and OR’s

Using ANDs and ORs enables you to get even more specific with your audience of focus. For example, if we were only interested in studying Juventus FC fans who were buzzing about the upcoming game, we could launch an analysis set to mine everyone talking about ‘Juventus’ AND ‘UCL Final.’ We could then explore the refined and targeted audience of everyone talking about Juventus and the upcoming championship game. If we wanted to study the audience that was predicting a Juventus victory, we could go one step further and input (‘Juventus’ AND ‘UCL Final’ AND ‘Victory’).

Zero in on Retweeters and Replies

Another way we can leverage Tweet Content reports is by studying the audience engaging with a specific account by retweeting. Many Twitter users are more inclined to participate in an online conversation by retweeting rather than forming their own message. For this reason, the ability to study ‘retweeters’ is so valuable. We were keen to become more familiar with Real Madrid Fans, so we launched an analysis capturing the audience retweeting @realmadrid using the query 'retweets_of:realmadrid'. The same can be done to focus on users replying to an account of interest using the boolean logic: ‘to:realmadrid.’

Pinpoint Location

On game day, there will inevitably be a crazy amount of social engagement. When trying to glean insights from such a mega event, it's advantageous to have refined tactic to zero in on a specific location of interest. This year the game will be played at the National Stadium of Wales. Through inputting the coordinates (point_radius:[51.477857 -3.182700 3km]) of the stadium into the Tweet Content Report, Affinio enables an analysis to be run on all users whose tweets have been geo-tagged within three kilometres of specified coordinates. Using this approach, you can dive deep into understanding the lucky audience who is experiencing the game from front stage.

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